Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catching up....

I've had a bit of blogging burnout so haven't been keeping up with our travels the past few weeks!  I figured that if I didn't do a post soon, it would be Christmas before I knew it.  ;-)  Then I'd really have to play "catch-up".

After we left Huntington Beach, we spent a few days at the Wilmington KOA so that we could see my daughter.  She's in her 2nd year at UNC-W and is involved in soooo many things both at school and at her church.  From Wilmington, we headed to Cedar Point so that we could "work-camp" at my parents.  You know that you've been to a campground quite a bit when the managers say "welcome home" when they see you pull in!!  We spent a little over a week doing a few chores for Mom and Dad both inside and outside of their house.  We shared dinner with them every night with Mom and I taking turns cooking.  Dad kept us on our toes with his funny quips.   Such good memories (but no pictures - too busy having fun)!

We are now at "Korky's Campground" and will be here until late December.  We got to spend Thanksgiving with "the kids" son Brandon and DIL Amanda and my daughter Ashleigh.  
Brandon and Ashleigh
Ashleigh had just had a foot of her hair cut off and donated to Locks of Love the day before Thanksgiving!

The hosts!

Time to carve the turkey! 

One of my cross-stitching items!

Brandon and Ashleigh always egg each other on...Brandon is drinking gravy from a very non-traditional gravy boat! 
It was a great day and Brandon and Amanda did a wonderful job hosting their first Thanksgiving in their new home.

We've been catching up with friends and family, too.  I spent the day with my sister Elaine earlier this week and had a nice time catching up with her.  This weekend my best friend Linda and I are going to have a girl's weekend and we are headed to the beach.  We're stocked up on chic flicks and popcorn!

I'm also working on finishing a few homemade gifts for Christmas and Dan has been working hard on some RV improvements.  We have a new awning and no longer have slide toppers.  :-)  He's also working on waxing the RV.  We will sure be all spiffy when we head south in a few weeks!

We are enjoying our time in NC but sure do wish the temps were warmer!  Brrrrr!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Carolina Clan 2012

We left Cedar Key on October 29th on our way to the 2nd annual Carolina Clan gathering.  After an overnight stop at Walkabout Campground in Woodbine, GA, we arrived at Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet, SC.  This was the same state park that we spent last December at and it felt like we were coming "home".

We had such a fun week.  The campfire circle got so large we had to have two fires most nights!

Our kayaking trip on the Waccamaw River was a hit!  We had a total of 15 kayaks in the water.  It was a beautiful afternoon to spend with friends.
Lining up to get in the water
The big float
 At one point, we all huddled together and formed a "barge" and enjoyed the sunshine and chatted away.  It was impossible to get a picture of the gang when you're in the middle!

Marti, George and Paul

Nancy, Peggy, Laura, and Bill 

Ray, Chris, Syl and Neil
We had some visitors over the weekend.  Brandon, Amanda, Cathy and Bruce had been at the first Carolina Clan gathering and they were able to join us this time as well.
The "grandkids" getting bike pointers from Papaw and Mamaw!  
Nancy and Bill let Brandon and Amanda borrow their bikes and we had a great time exploring Huntington Beach.  We were able to spot a first for them....

DIL Amanda and son Brandon
   We had a great time watching the birds on the causeway.

We thought he caught a fish...and so did he!  But it was only a stick.  ;-)
Back at the campground that afternoon, I got to play one of my favorite games....
Playing Spoons with Nancy, Gin and Syl!
Gail was watching us to see if she wanted to join in!  It sure was a lot of fun.

It was a beautiful morning Sunday and we  took advantage of it by walking on the beach.
Brandon was imitating a sand-PIPER!
Mid-morning, Cathy and Bruce arrived.  We had a great time catching up, bike riding (20 miles!) and hanging out.
Dan and Bruce

Not only sisters but friends!
It sure was a great week catching up with old friends and meeting new ones!!