Wednesday, May 9, 2012

She's home....and birthday celebrations!!!

One of the reasons we are back in NC is so that I could see my daughter.  She just finished her freshman year at UNC-W and got home yesterday.
Last picture outside her dorm!
I was anxiously awaiting her arrival....
Thumbs up from Ash!!
I practically ran out to see her and we hugged and hugged.  I admit I had happy tears!  Now all of my kiddies are in the same town.
Ashleigh, Brandon, and DIL Amanda
 and one of just brother and sister.....
Notice Ashleigh's's a hoot because UNC-W does not have a football team!  That's why they are undefeated!  Too funny!!

Not only was it Ashleigh's homecoming, we were celebrating birthdays!  Ashleigh's was May 2nd and Brandon's was the 8th.  They requested a Mexican Fiesta and I was all too happy to oblige!   Chicken tacos and spinach enchiladas with a variety of sides including their favorites...guacamole and pico de gallo.  Yum!  We ate outside as it was a beautiful evening.
Making crazy faces at dinner!
After dinner we went inside to open presents....
Stuffed penguin from Harry Potter
Wall hanging for her apartment next year

Family Recipe Book - her favorite gift!!
Brandon took a picture of her birthday loot....
And Dan took a picture of feet!!!

Now it was Brandon's turn to open his gifts.....
No it's really not jello but a little "green" for him to buy tools and stuff!
He had three presents that were numbered...this is #1...he wasn't sure what it was....
He's getting an idea with #2
He is liking what he sees!
It's a hit!!
I had purchased this cross-stitch kit when Brandon was either a sophomore or junior at Appalachian State.  He graduated in 2008 and my intent was to give it to him as a graduation gift.  However, I never seemed to have the time to work on it.  Now, I have tons of time!! He asked how long it took me to cross-stitch it and I probably should have kept track but didn't.  I would estimate at least 100 hours but it may be more!  He really liked it and said it is going to be the first thing he hangs in his man cave.  I have already started looking for a UNC-W kit for Ashleigh but haven't located one yet!  If anyone has any ideas on where I can find one, please let me know!

After gifts, it was time for birthday pie and ice cream.  I got a recipe from a cookbook Gin and Syl have for Nutty Buddy pie and it's already a family favorite.

Happy Birthday to you!
Make a wish!!
It was a great evening and we enjoyed many laughs.  Ashleigh has asked if we could have weekly cook-outs and I think it is a grand idea!

Life is good indeed!



Nancy and Bill said...

How wonderful to see all the happy faces!!! Great kids and great fun:o)))

Happy Birthday Ashleigh and Brandon!!

Cathy said...

Wish we could have been there to help you celebrate. Enjoy your time with the "kids".

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Great looking kids!

Ceal said...

Hope you had a great day. Sounds yummy.

Sherry said...

No one loves the family together more than Mom. I sure envy you having lots of time with your daughter this summer. Once they are out of college, they often don't come home except for a vacation. Those 3 kids look like ones you'd want to spend a lot of time with. Hope you get to.

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Oh what fun! Welcome home and Happy Birthdays! Loved the birthday pie. That would be my preference too. I think cake is over-rated :)

Great shirt too! I saw that and thought "wow. If they're undefeated since 1947, how come that's not a big deal in NC!" :)