Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cheraw State Park - Cheraw, SC September 7-14, 2011

Before I get started, thanks for all of your email comments about our new blog.  I do have the comments feature set to "allow" but have been told that Blogger has been having difficulty with this feature.  Hopefully this will get fixed soon. 

Cheraw State Park was our first official stop as we set out on the "open road".  We had been to Cheraw with my sister Cathy and BIL Bruce last year and had a blast.  We were now returning with a handful of other folks dubbed the "Carolina Clan".   Our site (#16) was perfect and even had a sandy tent area for the newleyweds (son Brandon and DIL Amanda) that would join us for the weekend!! 

It certainly was a fun week filled with much laughter, good food, kayaking and hiking.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Thanks Nancy and Bill for the picture!!

Brandon really enjoyed using some of his camping tools!! The hatchet barely left his hands all weekend!

BIL Bruce relaxing at the campsite.

Sister Cathy and DIL Amanda enjoying the outdoors!

Cathy at the beginning of our moonlight paddle!

 Bruce and Laura with Rick and Gail behind them!!

Neighbors Paul and Jill
Nancy and Bill
I think that Amanda is praying in this picture. "Dear God, please don't let Brandon see a snake!!"
Why does Gin look so mischevious?  Does she have George?
Syl having a great time!!
Full moon amongst the cypress trees!
And finally, thanks to Nancy and Bill, a picture of Dan and I in our kayak.

We will definitely have to make plans to attend the 2nd annual gathering of the Carolina Clan!!  Thanks to all for such a great time!!

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