Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Trails....

It may take me some time to get used to this blogging thing so bear with me while I figure this out!!

A lot has happened in the past 3-4 weeks!  Wow!!  Words can not express how surprised Dan and I were at our Happy Trails cookout!  Thanks to everyone for coming and giving us a very warm send-off.   And a very special thanks everyone who was involved in coordinating the surprise!  The food was great and we had fun playing yard games.

Happy Trails!!

Big Brandon and Dan 

Our dear friend and owner of Korkie's Campground!!

DIL Amanda and son Brandon - instigators of the surprise!!

Linda and Tricia (aka Louise and Thelma).  Best friends for almost 25 years!!
We have to give Linda credit for the title of this blog!  We'll do our best to give regular updates!!

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