Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pilot Mountain Area....Oct 2-6, 2011

I forgot to mention in my post about the wineries weekend that we actually did go back to the Amish store. We picked up some goodies for lunch and I also got a soup mix to make white cheddar asparagus soup. Sounds yummy and we will have to make it on a cold day! Dan picked up a pack of root beer licorice too.

The trek from Harmony, NC was an easy one and we got settled into our new campground just fine. It's a very small campground with mostly permanent sites here. It is not one that we would recommend but it was cheap and we never heard banjo music once! We did try to Redbox the Deliverance movie at Walmart but I guess it's so old they don't carry it anymore.

We spent 2 days exploring Pilot Mountain State Park. Who knew that there are actually two (yes two!) Pilot Mountain State Parks?! One is the mountain area and the other is the river area (as in Yadkin River).
Over the two days we hiked quite a few trails (including crossing over streams - no pathways here!) and admired the scenery. We had a picnic lunch the first day in the river section and had the entire park to ourselves. We spent some time near the summit of Pilot Mountain looking thru the binoculars at the different black hawks, red hawks, turkey buzzards, crows, etc. The highlight was taking the Jemokee Trail around the summit of Pilot Mountain. The trail was marked as "moderate" and had many twists and stone stairs. During the hike, we met up with a 92 year old man that was hiking the trail. We chatted with him for a few minutes. He lived in the area most of his life and had never made it up to Pilot Mountain. He did walk with a hiking stick but we were in awe of how agile he was on the trail. We just hope that we are as spry as he was when we reach his age! It's very hard to show the height of the summit from the trail but we attempted to in a few pictures.

At one of the look-out points at Pilot Mountain


Looks like I am holding this rock up with my hard head!!

The view near the summit - looking straight up from the trail. 
Look carefully and you will see Dan!
Such a nice day for a hike!

We really enjoyed the Jemokee Trail!

Taking a short break!

We also went by Horne Creek Historical Farm. And, again, we had the entire farm to ourselves. We are quickly learning that we have a great advantage in that going to these types of places during the week gives you a much better chance of no (or few) crowds. The farm was brought by the state from the Hauser family (who had 12 children!) and they are refurbishing it to reflect how life was back in the 1800s. You could tour the farm house (in amazingly good shape) as well as the other buildings on the property. They have crops (tobacco, applies, sorgum) and animals as well. They typically have interpretive guides but they were busy getting ready for their Corn Husking Festival. It's a typical fall festival that brings about 10,000 people. Glad that we timed it right!

We had a great time touring the Pilot Mountain area and would definitely recommend the State Park to anyone that is in the area! On to Reidsville, NC next. Stay tuned for updates soon!


Nancy and Bill said...

That is our kind of hike!! Love the trail photos!! Now we need to check out Pilot Mountain:o))

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

You did much better than us! We went Labor Day weekend and spent the whole time dodging people and cars.
Awesome views though! We have some of your same shots...except without Dan in them :)

Gin and Syl said...

I love the mountains but we somehow spend more time at the beach. Ain't life grand?!

bap said...

Thanks for the update! Glad to see you guys are having such a good time full-timing!

eaiken1121 said...

Looks like you're continuing to have the time of your lives and glad that the weather was so nice for you to explore the area in-depth!

Ceal said...

Beautiful photos. Have a fantastic time enjoying your travels. We miss you.
Mom & Dad