Friday, October 7, 2011

Van Hoy Family Campground, Harmony, NC Sept 30-Oct 2

We met Bruce and Laura and Rick and Gail in Harmony, NC for a weekend of wine tasting and fun.  We all arrived at the campground Friday afternoon and got our rigs set up.  We were isolated from the other campers (had they heard about us being rowdy in Cheraw?!!?) and had a nice area to ourselves.  As the cold front moved in, we hunkered down in front of a campfire.  Rick was our grill master and cooked some great brats.  We all shared sides.  I made Nancy's saurkraut with applesauce and judging by the fact that there was little left, I would say everyone enjoyed it.   Dessert was mexican smores!  Yum!!

Let the weekend begin! 
Tricia, Laura, and Gail

Bruce and Dan (is that another "Brandon" grin?!!) 

Bruce, Dan, Laura, Gail and Rick in front of Lucy (Gail and Rick's rig).

It may be cold but I still have my flip flops on!!

Rick and his handy dandy multi-purpose tool! Wonder what he said that made Gail laugh so hard?!!

Bruce tending the fire while the girls enjoyed their mexican smores!
Saturday morning we set out to tour the wineries.  Laura was our driver and did a great job even though she had 5 backseat drivers!  Kudos to her.  We stopped by the Amish store to pick up some goodies for lunch but they were closed until 12:30 due to a funeral.  So on we went to the wineries!  Laura had raved about a wine combination that tasted like strawberry shortcake w/ chocolate and we were not disappointed!
Beautiful (but chilly!) countryside!

The mini Carolina Clan group!
Thar's grapes in them thar fields!! 
The weekend was great fun and we all parted with "see you down the road".  We probably won't see Gail and Rick for some time but will see Bruce and Laura in December at Huntington Beach State Park.  Fun times and good memories!


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

That was most definitely a fun time!

I'm looking forward to the Deliverance post :)

Nancy and Bill said...

Well, we sure missed a lot of fun!! But you better let us know when you get to Huntington Beach SP in December!! That is our stomping grounds and we would love to spend time with all of you:o))

Safe Travels and Happy Trails.....

Gin and Syl said...

So they were forewarned about you rowdy hoolagans.
We're looking forward to another mini CC get together at Huntington Beach this December.
Y'all were a hit here at Cedar Point. Julie was still talking about your truck.