Monday, November 14, 2011


Some of you know that for the past two months, we've been meandering around NC passing time so that we could get back to Cedar Point to have a surprise birthday party for my wonderful mother.  We arrived at Cedar Point on Wednesday but the party wasn't until Saturday night so we had to lay low until then!  Between much coordination with my Dad (who called everytime my Mom left the house!), we managed to stay invisible! 

We got settled at our site (37) and chatted a bit with Julie (campground host).  She has a million stories to tell and is a real hoot!  Dan and I noticed some firewood at an empty campsite and the two of us plus Julie went over to snag it.  About an hour later, we were walking around the campground and Julie rolls up on her golf cart.  "Um - hate to tell you guys this but I had a report from a camper that he had left his firewood at his campsite and then left to go get his tent and supplies and when he came back, the firewood was gone! 
Just play dumb and keep mum!"  But, being the good citizens that we are, we went over to the other camper and fessed up.  Julie ended up returning her pieces too.  The camper was really cool about it and actually told us to keep some of the wood.  It was quite funny and we got a chuckle out of it!. 

The weather was gorgeous on Thursday and we took the kayak out on the White Oak River.   It was a nice paddle/troll and we enjoyed soaking up the sun.

Love this picture!  All of the birds taking flight as we approached!

One lone bird left!

Swansboro in the distance.

Abandoned house on this island. 
Saturday was busy as my sisters, their husbands, and kids got into town.  My sister Elaine had told my Mom that she was coming in town to take her out to dinner for her birthday.  Everyone else was meeting at the campground and then we would head to Kathryn's Martini Bar and Bistro in Emerald Isle for the BIG SURPRISE DINNER!!  We had some time to kill and went walking on the trail near the campground.
Jay, Barbara, Dan, Cathy, Bruce, and Ashleigh (Brandon and Amanda had not yet arrived!)
It was soon time for the surprise.  We were all speculating whether or not my Mom knew about the surprise party.....judging by this picture, I would say "heck no"!!!  She was soooooo surprised.

Me and my Dad

Ashleigh and her Nana acting cool.

Birthday Princess

I got a Kindle!
The food was delicious and we had a great time at dinner.  However, little did my Mom know, there was another surprise!  Some of her friends were at the house for cake and ice cream.

2nd surprise of the night!

Happy 75th Birthday Mom
When the family gets together, there are always tons of laughs.  We are all jokesters and tend to feed off of one another and can act quite silly!  My BIL Bruce gave Mom a case of crabs..... 

What do you get when a crab eats cake?

Brandon (cheesy grin!) and DIL Amanda - check out those plates of cake and ice cream.

Ashleigh is teaching everyone the cool face and signs!

Is the guy in this picture Amanda's husband or one of her 4th grade students?!!

Me and the "kids"!

Me and the sissy girls!
 It was a great weekend with family with many good memories!


Gin and Syl said...

Never but never leave firewood alone. Great family times. Happy Birthday Ceal!

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Oh what fun!

You gave your mom a birthday she'll never, ever forget!

Happy Birthday to her!

Sherry said...

What a great thing to do for your Mom! Such fun! such memories! Looks like a great group you've got there.

Nancy and Bill said...

Looks like you and your Mom had the best time!! So glad you were able to pull off the SURPRISE!! What a FUN Family!!!

Making memories is what it is all about:o))

Anonymous said...

Great photos sister - our group effort to surprise Mom sure paid off because the look of surprise on her face when we got to Kathryn's is priceless!!!

Barbara said...

It was so good to see you! Thanks for all your hardwork planning the party! Love you sissy girl!

Beach Lovers said...

What a great surprise for your mom. Where are you and Dan headed next? We are at N Topsail Beach and would love to see you. Let us know. We saw Nancy and Bill last Thursday night.

Ceal said...

Love the pictures. Especially enjoyed seeing most of my family & was totally unaware of the "Surprise Party". There is nothing like friends & family celebrating my special day. I'm "Kindling" as often as possible. Finished one book & started the 2nd. Thanks for a memorable weekend.
Love to all of you.

Anonymous said...

So glad the party went so well! Love the pictures! You mom will forever cherish this time.

Bruce and Laura