Sunday, November 6, 2011

Haircut and more visitors!!

We've had a nice week in Selma.  The campground we stayed at (RVacation) is not in our usual "go-to" setting but is clean and quiet in terms of camp-noise sits right off of 95 and is near the traintracks that lead into Smithfield/Selma. is close to the outlets!  :-)

Thursday we rode on the Harley over to Gin and Syl's house to meet them for lunch.  They had told us about a grill that had good "slop" burgers and that sounded yummy to us!  After lunch, we went back to their house and chatted for a bit.  We got to talking about Huntington Beach State Park as we will all be there in a few weeks.  Gin mentioned that she could cut my hair with the "Flowbee" while we where there and the next thing you know, I was getting my hair cut that day!  It had been a few months since my last haircut and I was definitely in need of one!
Getting Flowbeed!

Thanks Gin! 
Saturday, my son and DIL came up to see us for a day of shopping. After lunch at the RV, we headed to the outlets.  We had a fun time poking at Amanda as she just couldn't make up her mind about purchases.  When she made her first buy, I snapped this picture to celebrate.  ;-)

We stopped by the Pepperidge Farm Outlet and cleaned up!  Between the four of us, we bought 8 bags of cookies, a gallon of Goldfish crackers, and a loaf of bread.  Total spent was $11.51.  And of course, we had to taste the free samples.  For the Voyce family followers....some of the cookies MAY be for dollar bingo at Christmas but Dan thinks not.  ;-)

Dan and Brandon wanted to ride the Elmo-mobile but someone had stolen the steering wheel!
Notice that Brandon is wearing shorts!  It was in the 50s with a 15-20mph winds!
We couldn't leave the outlets without stopping by JRs.  Brandon and Amanda had never been to one before and felt it was time for their initiation!

We had a good day hanging out with Brandon and Amanda!


Gin and Syl said...

We had a great visit with y'all again. We're familiar with a lot of those shops but not Pepperidge Farms. Since we're trying to watch our weight, maybe we better not find it.

Nancy and Bill said...

What a fun couple of days!! I need to get an appointment with your hairdresser when she gets to Huntington Beach. She did a nice job on your hair :o))

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Sounds like you had a great time! We need to stay away from places like Pepperidge Farm, but what a bargain!)

Great haircut! I think Gin has converted several people to a Flowbee cut since the rally.

So, what exactly is a "slop" burger???

I know you're all excited for the Huntington Beach month. We'll be watching for all your updates :)

Sherry said...

Love the orange hats, your new haircut and particularly your "stylist". Glad you could visit with them!! Wish I'd been there.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Gin loves that flobee.

Ceal said...

All of you look wonderful & I love the haircut. I guess Dan will have all the cookies gone. I found out about his "sweet tooth" when I bought the "Who knew" cookies when you were here. Of course Brandon is wearing shorts---he wanted to show off his pretty legs.
Love to all,

Sherry said...

Sat 11/12/11 - my blog list says you have a new post out "Neuseway Campground". But when I try to bring it up, it says can't find it. And when I type in your blog URL, I get this as the most recent post. Couldn't find an email address in your profile to ask you.....What am I doing wrong here?