Friday, March 23, 2012

Enjoying Cedar Key with friends....

We've made some really good friends and have enjoyed hanging out with them these past few weeks!
We've been bike riding with Mack and Mo.....

And they snapped this picture of us!
That's our "life is grand" grins!
We took them to see the owls.....I could never get tired of watching the owls!
Snapped this picture with both adult owls!
We then pedaled down to the waterfront, got an ice cream, and headed to the pier to watch the pelicans. 

They were posing pretty for the camera!
We have shared many a meal together, too!  We've had seafood night (blackened shrimp, garlic and butter shrimp and steamed clams), a traditional St Patrick's Day feast with corned beef, cabbage, carrots,  and colcannon and Halushka which is a Polish dish with cabbage, noodles, and kielbasa!  And, this is just our little group of friends.....each week the RV park has potluck!  Good thing we continue to stay active!!

Charlie getting ready for our St Patrick's Day feast!
Ty working on the Colcannon
Some of the gang enjoying a meal!
  During our St Patrick's Day feast, this rainbow appeared....
Luck of the Irish!!
This past Sunday, Ron and Lena invited us to go out on there boat with them.  Charlie and Dot were going too.  It was a great day with good weather and good friends!
Charlie, Captain Ron, and Dan
Me, Dot and Lena
We went exploring the different Keys that are part of the Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge.
Deadman's Key

Gorgeous white pelicans on the sandbar
We motored over to North Key where we enjoyed our picnic lunch.  You are allowed to dock at the beach and enjoy the beachfront but you are not allowed to go inland on the island.  After lunch, we walked the shoreline to see what we could find.....

Hermit Crab!

Tons of horseshoe crabs!
We did see two Bald Eagles in flight but did not get a picture of them.  The day was gorgeous and we enjoyed exploring the different keys with friends.

Charlie and Dot

Lena and Ron
Dan and I with the big whopping shell we found! 
All too soon it was time to meander our way back to Cedar Key but not before we went by Seahorse Key.
Lighthouse in the distance
Seahorse Key is closed to the public for a few months starting Mar 1 as it is a nesting site for various birds. 

We had a great day on the water!  Life is good! 


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

If there was any doubt about life being good, the big grins on your faces would take care of it :)

Sure looks like you eat well! Yum!

Gin and Syl said...

Looks like you are in the right place. I think I got a little bit of sunburn just seeing everyone enjoying the boat ride. Life is indeed good.

Ceal said...

You two look soooooooo happy. You don't have to go out of the good old USA to see beautiful sights, especially the birds.
Saw on the internet some baby owls that had nested in cans, really cute.
Love & happy exploring.

Sherry said...

WOW that looks like a goldmine of a place to spend a month. Good friends and water what a terrific combination.

Definitely want to get together and hear more about all this.

Nancy and Bill said...

Grinning is just so much fun!! This lifestyle just brings out the GRIN:o)))

Keep having fun!! Hope to see you soon.

Elaine said...

How cool to be able to take a picture of a rainbow! You should've been here in Raleigh earlier this week because I got to see a double rainbow after a rainshower.

BTW, I'd love the recipe for the Halushka 'cuz it sounds yummy:-)

Love you!

Cathy said...

Keep smiling! You two are lookin' good!

Anonymous said...

You guys look so happy! You are keeping us motivated to keep working on the house!

Bruce and Laura