Friday, March 23, 2012

Surprise Visitors and loooong bike ride!

Back in April 2010 at the RV-Dreams Rally in SC, we had met Tonya and James.  Although we exchanged contact information, for whatever reason, neither of us kept in touch.  Dan and I would occassionally say "wonder what ever happened to Tonya and James and wonder where they are now".

Well.....we found out Tuesday night!  We had just finished dinner when we saw a couple approacing our site.  We looked out the door and saw Tonya and James!  They had tracked us down thru a few other bloggers and had read that we were going to be at Cedar Key RV Resort for the month of March.  They are on their way down a bit further south in FL and decided to stop by to see us.  It was a great surprise! 

We spent the evening getting caught up and introducing them to other RVers at this park.  Wednesday we paddled over to Atsena Otie again....the wind was definitely not in our favor and we did not have the trolling motor with us!  Our arms got a work out for sure!!  After we kayaked for a few hours, we talked around the waterfront.  We hung out for a bit on the pier and the dolphins gave us quite a show!  You could see the baby dolphins hanging close to their mom's and it was so neat to watch. The mullet were definitely jumping and, at one point, one of the dolphins eyed one of the mullet and jumped out of the water to catch the mullet.  It was fascinating to see!  After a covered dish dinner at the clubhouse, the four of us went to watch the sunset.  We were going to go to the Tiki Bar at the Low Key Hide-away but one of our friends had suggested going out to the airport.  We were not disappointed....

Tonya and James
Yes, this is the runway of the Cedar Key "airport"!!
Tonya and James left Thursday morning to head further south.  It was great seeing them again and we know that we will see them again..."down the road"!!

We had made plans on Thursday to pedal to Cedar Key with Mack and Mo.  We had "trained" all week and were ready to hit the pavement!!
Mo, Mack and Dan
Yep, that's Safety Dan.  We wanted to make sure that we would be "seen"!!  And yep, Mo really does ride the vintage 70s banana seat bike! 

We pedaled out of the RV Park and started heading to Cedar Key.  It's mainly flat with the exception of one small hill. We stopped a few times for some much needed water breaks.  We also pedaled by some wild hogs that you could hear grunting but they were never seen!  Along the way, we stopped at the Low Key Hideaway to check out the Tiki Bar....
Looks like a nice place to come for an evening out!
Just so you know where you are!!

I'm sure this would pertain to us after our bike ride was completed!
After about 7.5 miles, we stopped at our first destination which was the post office so I could mail a package to my daughter.    They were closed for lunch so we meandered around town checking out the new Pyrate Isle Sauce Shop and a consignment shop and, although we packed a light picnic lunch, needed additional fuel for the ride back. 
Mo and Mack outside The Big Deck
After lunch we stopped by the town hardware's one of those stores that has EVERYTHING and then stopped by the post office to mail my package.  After that, we slowly made our trek back to the campground.  All in all, we estimated that we pedaled about 18 miles or so!  A fun day, indeed!!


Sherry said...

You guys definitely are busy and having fun! Good for you!! So glad you could squeeze in a visit to go for a spring dip with us. Thanks for coming up. It was great to see you both and catch up n what you've been up to. Wish that rain hadn't cancelled our kayak. Next time - right?? I'm giving the month of March 2013 at Cedar Key some real consideration. Maybe we'll be neighbors.

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

That bike ride shouldn't have been too hard for you after the marathon ride you had with Bill and Nancy a couple months ago! :)

Looks like you both are totally enjoying your life. This life style is so great, isn't it?

Ceal said...

You guys make me tired just thinking about your long bike ride. I should try that---NOT.
Our weather turned cool today & I had to put the fireplace back on. I hope your warm weather continues.
Love you both.

Gin and Syl said...

We remember Tonya and James. Nice folks. Love Mo's bike. I had a gold one as a kid.