Saturday, June 2, 2012

On the road again!!!

Tuesday night was our last night in NC (at least for awhile!!).  We had the kids over for dinner before we left town.  Kork joined us for some fun too!  Of course we had to get some pictures and, being the crazy people that we took awhile for us to get a good group shot!
Not sure exactly what Brandon is doing to Amanda!

 Laughter was the theme of the night!

Finally!  A group shot!
And we couldn't leave Kork out!

We sure will miss everyone but also know that we will see them "down the road"!!

Wednesday we took off for PA albeit a bit later than normal.  We were trying to avoid leaving in the rain that we were supposed to get from the tropical storm.  We headed out about 1:30 in the afternoon.  Our plans were to drive until we were tired and spend the night at Wally World!  ;-)  There was only one Passport America campground that was at a good stopping point but the reviews were not so good and the discounted rate ($20) didn't seem like a discount to us (especially after the bad reviews)!   We meandered through the rest of NC and stopped for dinner in Front Royal, VA.  Hopped back in the truck, fueled up on diesel and then kept on driving.
Getting closer!
I didn't get a picture of the "Welcome to Maryland" sign!  It turned out blurry!
Finally in PA!
And what great scenery....I just love the farms and the rolling hills of this part of the country.

We definitely broke our standard 4-4-2 rule.  Be off the road by 4pm, no more than 4 hours of driving or 200 miles.  But, traffic was moving and we had no issues so we kept on driving!  We were treated to a gorgeous sunset.....

About 10:15pm we finally pulled into a Walmart.  Right behind us were two small airstreams being pulled by vehicles that looked like they were from the 50s.  Way cool! With the exception of hearing the sweeper for about an  hour at midnight, my first boondocking experience was just fine!  We were on the road by 7am the next morning to finish our trip.
I really like this section of our trip!
The mighty Susquehanna River
We made it to the farm about 9:30 and quickly got set up.    Here are some of the views from our RV.

Ahhh...I think I am going to like being a farm girl this summer.  ;-)


Sherry said...

Looks like a great trip even with one long day and that is a mighty nice campsite you've got there. Hope it stays cool near those mountains.

Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Pretty nice accommodations you've got there! We loved Pennsylvania when we were there last year. Enjoy your summer!

Nancy and Bill said...

Beautiful Farm!!! Lucky girl... enjoy the fresh berries;o))

Glad you had a safe and uneventful trip. Have fun and be warned -- there are some Southern Pelicans heading that way soon ;o))))

Gin and Syl said...

That really was a long travel day but the farm looks like a nice reward. Looks like there's enough room for some southern pelicans. :-)

Steve and Joan said...

Nice camp sight! Looks like a great place to stay awhile.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

The farm looks beautiful.

Neil and Nancy said...

Welcome to PA. Where exactly are you? We are in Lancaster County. Loved the group shot and all the laughter!

Barbara said...

Great family all the smiling faces. Glad to hear you made it to PA safely. Enjoy your summer!