Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What in the world??!!

We've been at the farm for about 10 days now and Dan's been working on a project....
Hmmmm.....what could it be?
He's been tinkering in the garage for hours at end.  He has his brother (Tim), brother-in-law (Doug) and nephew (Timmy) very, very intrigued!  The project is now finished but I will leave you hanging for a few days wondering what in the world McGyver has come up with now!

In addition to me working in the flowerbeds and Dan tinkering on his project, we've been having a wonderful time hanging out with family.  Last week we went to hear some jazz with Dan's Mom (Pauline) and her gentlemen friend (also named Dan!).  It was a wonderful evening!  Bob Masteller was the lead musician and we listened to jazz for three hours.  Bob is a very charming and talented man and we were told that if we ever  get to the Hilton Head, SC area, his jazz club "The Jazz Corner" is supposed to be well worth the visit.

Saturday, Pauline, Colleen (Dan's sister), Ann (Dan's SIL) and I went out for some retail therapy.  I was still searching for a round silicone baking sheet that I could use to make homemade potato/beet chips.  This is what I ended up with....
Picture from the internet!
The reviews online are mixed but I figured if I didn't like how it worked, I can take it back.  You can use it for potatos, carrots, apples, pears, and mangos.  It was a fun day hanging out with the girls.  This coming  weekend the girls are going to the strawberry festival in Owego, NY.  The fresh strawberries up here taste different from the ones "down south"!  Not sure if it is due to the richness of the soil or what but man oh man are they good!

Sunday was a gorgeous day (no rain but quite warm) and Dan's Mom had a picnic.  It was a great spread of food with great people.  Dan has two great nephews, Hunter and Cayden, and I had a fun time with them.  They didn't sit still long enough for a picture though!  Hunter is almost 3; Cayden just turned 1.
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Hunter had been outside playing golf and bowling and sat still long enough to eat a peanut butter sammy.

Not much else going on this week.  Next Thursday we leave to head up to the 1000 Islands region.  There will be 8 of us going and I know we will have a grand time.  We are going to go to the Boldt Castle and will get in plenty of sight-seeing.  Should be a fun trip.

Stay tuned for news on Dan's tinkering project!


Gail and Rick (Gypsy Turtles) said...

Can hardly wait to see what the mysterious project is! Probably an automatic paddler for the PaddleSki!!!

Have fun on your trip. Sounds great!

Sherry said...

NO FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!! Patience is NOT my virtue.

Sure sounds like you are having a great time every where you go! Nice going!

Nancy and Bill said...

Ok Conniver... you sure got us hooked. Looks like you two are having a great time with family and that beautiful farm!!!

Gin and Syl said...

I bet I know what Dan is doing. He likes his bikes. :-)
Looks like great family times!

Ceal said...

Glad you are enjoying being a "farm girl". Brings back memories when my Mom took us to Mr. German's farm to get fresh veggies. That was where I found out what it's like to be licked by a cow. UGH!
Have a great time up North.

Jill & Paul said...

We purchased one of those chip makers from the internet and LOVE it. Hope you will as well. Have fun on the farm!!!! I would love that life.