Friday, August 10, 2012

Ft Boonesborough State Park, Winchester, KY

August 6-8, 2012

This campground is on the banks of the Kentucky River and, like so many other waterways, the levels are really down due to the drought.   It's a nicely wooded campground but the drawback is that it's near an asphalt plant that starts early in the morning and runs until dinner time.  The smell and noise are yuck!

There is a fort that is part of the State Park and it has been reconstructed as a working fort complete with cabins, blockhouses and furnishings.  Artisans in period costume perform craft demonstrations to give visitors a sense of what life was like for pioneers in Kentucky.

Entrance to the fort

In the courtyard of the fort, there was a community garden.  They definitely had some crops that none of the four of us could recognize!  This was in addition to corn, tomatos, beans, okra, and peanuts.  There was a brief, introductory movie in one of the blockhouses that told the history of the fort as well as Daniel Boone.  After we watched that, we went from house to house to explore.  Thankfully, the houses were air-conditioned as it was another hot, steamy day!

Wood shop

Metal shop 

Candle shop (one of my favorites!)

Lye soap
There was also a museum on premises that had quite a few display cases of time period items such as pipes, pottery, arrowheads and the like.  They also had a few life size mannequins of the Indians.  Take a look at the ear.  Ouch!!!  The skin around it is separated and pulled back and covered with some type of material.

The fort was a nice place to visit and I'm glad that we had the opportunity to do so.

This marked the end of our travels with Gin and Syl (just for the time-being; not forever!).  We sure did have tons of  laughs (and tears from laughing so hard) and good times and look forward to when we see them "down the road".


Sherry said...

WOW wonder how they know the indians ears looked like that and how did they do it?? I've seen african tribes with big plates in their lobes. Makes me say OUCH!!

Sorry about the asphalt plant. Not very swell for a state park particularly one trying to do reinactment.

Nancy and Bill said...

Love those parks that have re-enactment villages. Always nice to see how folks did things back then.

Bet all of you need a rest from all the laughing;o))

Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

Gail Houle said...

Looking at that ear makes me wince!

Ceal said...

You're learning more interesting history. Egads on the Indian's ear.
Have fun & hope it cools off soon.