Saturday, August 25, 2012

Tammany Trace

We just LOVE riding our bikes.  It's so much fun and great exercise!  While we were at Fontainebleau SP,we rode a lot!  There are miles and miles of pavement in the park plus trails that are bicyclable (yep - that's a made up word!).  The Tammany Trace Rails-to-Trail also runs through the park.  All in all, we biked about 40+ miles of the "trace" (plus umpteen miles in the park!).

At the Mandeville Trailhead, there is a local farmer's market every Saturday.  It wasn't what Dan and I expected...we were thinking the traditional farmer's market with a plethora of fruits and veggies.  Out of the dozens of stands, there were only 2 selling fruits and veggies.  The rest were selling crafts and local food such as beans and rice, tamales, creole gumbo and the like.   The smells were enticing but we refrained from buying anything.  The trace runs thru several smaller towns including Mandeville, Covington, and Abita Springs. My sister Cathy and BIL Bruce also enjoy riding their bikes - they would have loved this trail.  Maybe someday!  :-)

Our week at Fontainebleau SP went by quickly.  We were going to head to Ft Pickens for a few days but pesky Tropical Storm Isaac was looming and, although we thought the weather would be nice for a few days, thoughts of a possible evacuation pulling a big rig made us change our plans at the last minute.  We ended up at Three Rivers SP in Sneads, FL.  It's a very small campground with only 30 sites....and two of those belong to volunteers!  It sits right on Lake Seminole which, despite the hydrila, is very pretty!      
View from our pull-thru, waterfront campsite!
And you sure can't beat the price....$16 a night for water and electric.   We decided not to get the kayak out  as the hydrila is so thick.  We've been enjoying relaxing....Dan has been tinkering and I have been reading my Kindle and working on some Christmas gifts.  We leave here tomorrow (Sunday) and head to Dave and June's farm for a few days.  They are NW of Gainesville and we should be out of the majority of the yuckiness that Isaac is going to bring.  It will be fun to catch up with them and as a bonus, I get to meet the calf that Dave named after me!  You know how much I love cows and calves!  I can't wait to see my namesake!


Sherry said...

Definitiely got Fontaineleau on my list. Sounds terrific. Too bad about Isaac causing us both to skip the Panhandle. We might have been at Fort Pickens at the same time although my idea was to stay at the Saints - George Andrew etc for a while.

Well if you have a calf, ultimately cow named after you then you will have to get a COWgirl hat and COWgirl boots if you don't already have them. And if you do then don those dudes and let's see a pic of the Tricias together. :-))

Gin and Syl said...

Yep, that State Park is definitely on our list. We may have to stay a full two weeks to enjoy it at a relaxed pace.
Glad to hear that Dave and June's farm is inland a little bit. Hope our FL Pelicans stay safe!

Nancy and Bill said...

WOW...great place to ride!! We will put Fontainebleau SP on our TODOS list:o))

Keep a close eye on the weather and head north if you have to...just STAY SAFE!!!

Ceal said...

Tell me---what is hydrila?
Glad you moved on because you know how your Ma worries.
We had sunshine this afternoon, the first in a while. Yippee!!!!
Can't wait to see a pic of your namesake.
Love to the two of you,

Gail Houle said...

Stay safely away from Isaac!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Travel Safe. Fountainbleau sounds like a great park.

Cathy said...

Wish we could be there to bike with you two!

Barbara said...

I was wondering what hydrilla was, too! Can't wait to see Tricia Cow!

Al and Karen said...

We enjoyed our one night at Fountainbleu....will head back one day. Glad you ran out of harm's way, was thinking of you two in the way of Isaac.