Friday, August 17, 2012

Hernando Point COE, Hernando, MS

August 13-16, 2012

We rolled into Hernando Point COE mid-afternoon.  The campground sits off of Lake Arkabutla and has 80+ water/electric sites.  The lake was low, low, low.  As there were only about 5 other campers there, we had our choice of sites!  Although we could have had a waterfront site, we chose 75 as it was quite large and private.
It's a nice campground but one that does not appear to be utilized much.  It's a little off the beaten path and it is not near any attractions (which was fine with us).  It seems that this is one of the campgrounds that has suffered due to budget cuts.  It's a no frills type of park and, because of the lake level, swimming is currently banned.  It looks like it could be a great place to call home when the lake levels are up.

Water is supposed to be where all that green is!
Other than two guys operating heavy equipment, we never really ran into anyone (including rangers!) the three days we were there.  Speaking of heavy equipment...this is what we did one morning for entertainment....

There was an excavator and a bulldozer that were working on shoreline preservation.

It was pretty neat to watch.


One last note about the campground....the horse flies and mosquitos were large enough to carry you away!  As I am a mosquito magnet, I only ventured outside late morning/early afternoon.  Dan had to wear his long pant/long sleeve coveralls when he was doing some work outside!  They were something fierce!


Nancy and Bill said...

Lakes were low at COE lakes in South Carolina as well;o(( Guess that's why there are so few people at the parks!!

Gail Houle said...

Lake levels were low in many places we've been too. The drought is horrible.
Don't you wonder how there are so many mosquitoes though, when there isn't much water.