Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to Canada!

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Dan, Brandon, Amanda, and I decided to head back to Canada for the day.  This time, we were going to park on the US side (for free using our campground pass!) and walk over to Canada via the Rainbow Bridge.  We wanted to do Journey Behind the Falls.  We walked thru the commercial section and gawked at all of the craziness.  We walked and walked and walked and walked.  Brandon had told us about a barge that had gotten stuck in the river pretty close to the Falls.  We were finally able to locate it and get a decent picture.
close up picture of the barge

view to see how close it is to the Falls
The barge has been there since 1918.  It was being towed when it got stuck on a sandbar.  The tow rope snapped and the barge was swept downstream towards the Falls.   2500 feet from the Falls, it was grounded on a rock shoal and has remained there all this time.

Amanda and I were a bit nervous to do Journey Behind the Falls.  The roar of the Falls in the tunnels underneath is quite loud and you can’t help but wonder “what if??!”.  There were two areas in the tunnels that opened up so that you could actually see behind the Falls.  There was quite a bit of water spray back into the tunnel and the roar was like thunder.   There were also two outside viewing areas adjacent to the Falls where you could view the Falls from the side.    

This attraction was quite crowded and it took a bit of time for us to exit.  During that time, Brandon kept us entertained.

We spent some time walking around looking at the flower gardens.

We also had to make a stop here….

See, when we were in Canada two days earlier, Gin and Syl lost their brand new camera.  Everyone had pretty much written it off as gone.  But, in the off chance that a good Samaritan had found it and turned it in, we had told them that we would check lost and found.   We inquired at the police station and they checked their records.  Alas - a camera matching our description had been found two days prior.  However, it was locked up and no one in the station had the combination.  One of the officers told us to give her 30 minutes and she would see what she could do.  We waited a bit….and wondered what our chances were.  With fingers crossed, we went back to the police station.  Voila!  They had Gin and Syl’s camera!  Whoop whoop.  I had to sign for it, let them copy my driver’s license and give them my phone number.  They then handed us the camera.  We were absolutely so excited for Gin and Syl.  Now we needed to come up with a clever way to give it back to them.  So we took a picture to commemorate the event and  headed back to the campground.  When we got back, Gin and Syl were inside their RV eating their dinner.  We were all so excited we could barely finish our dinner (and Amanda actually didn’t!) when we went outside.  Brandon had seen Gin a few minutes earlier and told her that I had a picture I wanted to show her!    

Yeah!  Camera found and returned to it’s happy owners!

 We ended the day with another great sunset!


Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Great photo's once again. Excellent that they got the camera back.

Gin and Syl said...

That camera sure makes a pretty picture!