Monday, July 30, 2012

One last hike...

Four Mile Creek SP
Youngstown, NY

Brandon and Amanda weren’t scheduled to leave until that evening so we decided to get in a little hike.  Syl, Brandon, Amanda and I headed over to Artpark to hike some of their trails.  We hiked a small trail with a sacred Indian burial mound and then headed over to hike along the river.  It was a trail that was still being developed but the section that we were on was great.  The views of the river were awesome and wildflowers bordered the trail.   No pictures this time as I was enjoying the scenery and taking in the moments as they happened!

We headed back to the campground, and Amanda  and Brandon  packed up all of their stuff.  Dan and I drove them back to the airport.   With hugs and a few happy tears,  we said our “byes” and “see you down the road”.   Dan and I stopped by the store and farmer’s market to stock up on a few things and then headed back to the campground.  The next day was going to be a travel day and we were both pretty tuckered out from a very busy week!

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Brandon and Amanda said...

Niagara was such a blast!! Great pictures Ma! You have become quite the photographer since hitting the road.