Monday, July 16, 2012

Something new.....

We've been whittling away the days in PA.  Last week, we had just arrived back home and heard the whirl of a helicopter.  That's not an unusual sound around here due to all of the gas drilling activity going on.  However, this helicopter was a bit different....
Never seen this before!

We could not figure out what was at the end of the cable.  At first, we thought it was some type of auger that was being used at the gas drills.  We got in the car and drove a little closer....

and used the zoom on the camera....

It was a series of 10 disc saw blades about 2 1/2-3 feet in diameter.  Now all we had to do was figure out what the saw blades were for.  We kept on peering into the sky to see what we could see.

The pilot would dip down beneath the trees.  What could he be doing?
Look at all of those power lines!
Wow - he was trimming trees and brush underneath the power lines!  Dan got the binoculars to take a closer look!  We were curious to see more.  The pilot flying the helicopter was also managing the saw blades!  Dan said that he was harnessed in and kept looking out his door and the job he was doing with the saws.  
Lowering the saw blades
Getting ready to trim the trees

Look closely and you can see the engine that runs the blades

The precision that the pilot had was amazing.  It is surely a dangerous job and can't imagine the steady hand and eagle eye the pilot must have!  It was so neat to watch.  Dan's Mom said that in the 57 years she has been living on the farm, she has never seen anything like it!

Not much else has been going on..just enjoying our time here as well as the scenery.
Rolling hills

Gorgeous farmlands

Although low, the Susquehanna is still beautiful

The most amazing sunsets!
We only have a week left in PA and then head further north to Niagara Falls.  We'll have a fun filled week with good friends, my son, and DIL.  

Life is good! 


Nancy and Bill said...

Wow, that was amazing!!

Sure is beautiful country up there. Our water levels are way down also. Hope the drought ends soon...but we don't need any more nasty weather to fix that situation;o((

Have a blast in NY:o)

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

That really is impressive. That pilot has some serious skills.

Sherry said...

Boy if I were his mother or wife I'd be very nervous. Wonder how they trimmed the limbs for the other 56 years Dan's mom has been there?

So sad to see the river so low in such beautiful country.

Gin and Syl said...

That pilot must have nerves of steel to go along with his skill. hopefully a good insurance policy too just in case the wind blows a little too hard.
I love the river and the rolling hills. It's just beautiful!

Ceal said...

Never seen anything quite like the copter trimming trees. I was at the shop getting my car inspected & a plane from Bogue Field flew over. It was twice as loud as those going over our house. Like they say--"That's the sound of freedom." Enjoy the rest of your stay with Dan's family.

Cathy said...

You've seen some of the most amazing sights. We'll probably not see anything like that in our neck of the woods. Have fun during your last week and give Brandon and Amanda a hug for me when you see them.

Karen and Al said...

That was amazing. I would imagine he was an ex military pilot to be able to do what he did.

Beautiful scenery.

Barbara said...

How interesting! That is something most people will never get the chance to see...lucky you! So,has Dan designed the barrel for you to go over the falls in yet?