Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Watkins Glen State Park

Gin, Syl, Dan and I were going to play tourists for the day.  We really didn’t have a plan other than to head towards the Finger Lake region of NY.   So, with packed lunch in hand, we set out.  We meandered our way north and stopped at Seneca Lake for our picnic lunch and had some awesome waterfront views.

Over lunch, we decided to head to Watkins Glen State Park.  We thought we might just pop in and get a map of the area but once we are there, we all agree that we need to explore the park.   We parked the car and started our hike.

Of course, we picked one of the hottest days to hike but the views were worth it!
Cool gorge with circle cave on right

Heart-shaped natural pool

The waterfalls and the rock formations were amazing.
Intriguing rock formations

Beautiful, cool waterfalls

Dan had much more energy than the rest of us and hiked the entire gorge trail.  There are 19 waterfalls along a two mile stretch and umpteen hundred steps!
Dan's up there on the suspension bridge!
Although I am not a fan of heights, the views from the suspension bridge were a sight to see.

Before Watkins Glen became a state park, it was developed as a privately owned resort.  It eventually  opened to the public in 1863.     We had a great time (albeit quite toasty!) exploring the park and headed back “home” tired but with big smiles on our faces.

Life is good!


Al and Karen said...

I loved Watkins Glen when we went last year. The most awesome waterfalls!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Great waterfall picture. Thanks for sharing.

Ceal said...

The scenery is gorgeous. I am so glad you are enjoying it even though the heat is bad----same here.

Gin and Syl said...

It sure was hot but the Gorge and all those falls sure were beautiful.