Thursday, July 19, 2012

Floating on the Susquehanna

We figured that the only good way to stay cool would be to hang out at the river.  We loaded up the Sea Eagles and our gear and drove to the river.  (Dan and Syl had dropped off the Suzuki down river a bit earlier so that we would have a way back to the farm.)  Before we got in the kayaks, we needed to cool off.  But, right before we got in the river, we saw a gorgeous Bald Eagle flying upstream.  It was a great way to start our afternoon out on the water.
Huh?  Well that's one way go get cool!

As you can see by the expression on Syl’s face, it was very refreshing!

The river was so so low due to the drought but we really wanted to try to paddle it.  We weren’t on the river for very long when we needed to portage.   Dan hopped out of our boat to help Gin and Syl and sent me down the river.  I paddled over to the shore and watched them.
Syl came down the mini-rapids backwards....

Dan floated back to our kayak!
We floated/paddled/motored down the river enjoying the scenery and chatting.  We found out that the trolling motor could handle both of our kayaks with little effort on our part and, as a bonus, we were all in the shade the majority of the time!

As we neared the end of our paddle, we were rewarded with quite a sight.

At one time, we saw three Bald Eagles flying together.  All in all, we saw about 8-10 Bald Eagles on our paddle.  It sure was an awesome way to end our paddle.

Since we hit the road, Dan and I have modified our diets to try to eat healthier.  We have given up things like potato chips and now make our own.  After conversations with Bill and Nancy and Gin and Syl, we have made a few more changes.  I now make our own peanut butter and hummus.  Yum!  We also shared a few meals with Gin and Syl that were vegan.

Carrot and Roasted Red Pepper soup, broccoli and brown nice, pumpernickel rolls with pumpkin butter.  Yum!  After dinner, Dan went to tinker in the garage and Gin, Syl, and I played Sequence for HOURS.

We are all just a tad bit competitive and had a blast.  It was a fun day with fun friends!

Life is good!


Gail Houle said...

Looks like a fun day and awesome eagle sightings! I think Dan needs to get a bigger motor and then we can all caravan off your Paddle Ski in November :)

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time :)